VR Headset

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Rapidly build and deploy cloud based apps like internal admin apps, custom tools, dashboard apps, frontend apps for database.

Drona HQ

Image by Adam Kontor

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Swimwear designed for every mood. Online shopping site based in US. 

My Real Mood

Cherry Tomatoes

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Since 1899, Kagome has been supporting chefs through its tasty tomato based products.


Office Workspace

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Aspiro Search Partners, is an executive search firm focused on hiring across financial services in India. 


Changing the Tire

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After 75 years in the tyre business, Marangoni is a worldwide recognised leader in the green tyre retreading industry, in the design and production of machinery and materials for the sector.


Filament Bulb

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WyntronixTM is a company that believes in building experiences for the Hospitality Industry with world-class products, technologies and unmatched service that has helped it carve a repute across India and South Asia.


Image by Adeolu Eletu

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NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC. assures digital business services against disruptions in availability, performance, and security. 


Trendy Jewelry

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Gemmuine offers exquisite jewellery that is full of life, colour and ideas. Distinctive and luxurious adornments that are beyond investment and fashion. 

Gemmunine Jewellery 

Image by Vivish Photography

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Razorcat has a proprietary tech product specially designed to facilitate accredited service stations and stand alone technicians to provide prompt and perfect service for your 2 wheeler with a service suits of your choice,


Modern Interior Design

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 Our aim is to partner you in this art of homemaking. Since inception in 1986, we have been creating home and workspaces with a difference, to make good living affordable.

Deepshika Construction

Painting Ceramic Beads

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PGP Joyeria is a name that has become synonymous with exclusive antique jewellery.

PGP Joyeria

Modern Decor
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We measure your space, conduct a detailed recce of the space that needs an uplift, and we come back with necessary mood-boards, sketches, and spatial drawings. 

Character by Hrudika

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Image by Justin Schüler
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We at Studio Biophilic, believe that we need to take a step back, breathe in, and appreciate life in its true form of our natural world. This initiative is our step towards the Utopia which we all dream of.

Studio Biophilic

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Caprich investments started in 2020 with a main objective to research top quality Indian companies and helping clients make informed investment decisions.

Caprich Investment