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Yippee Vs Maggi

When it comes to noodles, Nestle was the market leader by introducing Maggi. Their main USP and punchline were 2- Minutes Noodles. Which helped them grab the Indian market for making the noodles in a few minutes. It has become popular over the decades for its instant solutions of making; whether it's in the breakfast or at any point of time.

Maggi Commercial

The Magi Masala, adds a rich taste to the Noodles. It's kind of ready-made spices in line with Italian flavour. The Masala sache comes along with the Package. It varies from other spices; unique and unmatched. It really goes well with the Noodles. Imagine having Maagi without the Maggi Masala, and definitely, you are not going to love the taste. And even if you mix it up with other Spices, not sure how the taste will be.

Maggi originated in Switzerland, was later acquired by the Swiss-owned Nestlé, and began import to India in 1983. In 2014, according to Fortune, Indians consumed 400,000 tons of it.

Indian FMCG Giant ITC, introduced Noodles that have a similar taste to Maagi and differs in flavour and maybe a little bit of Crunchy. They don't come up with the Tag line: 2-Minutes Noodles. But it can be prepared similar to Maggi in a few minutes, adding the Masala.

There is a twist with the Yippe Masala. Yippee has named the masala; Magic Masala and Nestle is Masala Magic. Some of the items from Yippee Masla is Mood Masala. It's not about the name, but the rich flavour adds to the Noodles that make sense to the consumer.