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We need holistic education approach

Every country has it's own education system and that has been carried out for longer and is controlled by an Authoritative system.

We all want to be in a system that brings values for our future, it creates better resources or is someone who has their own dream.

Is Education culture-centric, or career-oriented? Kids admit to school; grow up systematically, studies subjects that are relevant or not! But Can you recall all that you have learned in school while you are in a job or making a career? While you are facing interviews and starting your career; how often you have been asked about the theoretical subject you have learned! Maybe for some sectors or industries, it's relevant, but that's very limited. We just utilize 5 to 10% of education what you have learned in School.

But does it mean school education is just wastage of time? Of course not. It's a systematic way and we learn to be organized and we grow with interest for the future during school days. Whether it's our choice or guided by our parents or teacher.

Education means a systematic way of progressing for the future. In the classroom or in online classes. Which is better? To some extent, classroom education makes a lot of sense; not only interactive secession between teacher and student. It makes feel good for student to be in a system.

Many counties have developed school education in such a way that streamlines future goals. It's related to the career they want to pursue. A career-oriented approach is transforming into classroom activities and case studies, that make lots of sense and enable them future-ready to take better decisions for their career.

Students are devoting their 12 years in school at least in India. We have different methods of delivering education to them, from state to state and Board to Board. But what is the take on from School that you are going to apply in your career?

Big companies in the world are not very much interested in how much you have scored in Xth or XIIth. They are going to evaluate you for what personal skills you have, or whether suitable for the job role.

We have anticipated the learning system through a systematic approach, and any organized mind is the best decision-maker for the future. It's not what you remember from your classroom days! its always the notion of a systematic approach you have gone through in your classroom. Its shapes your future in a disciplined way, whether it's for higher studies or choosing the right career path that you are passionate about.

All that shapes our future is Graduation or a Master's Degree or Some Career Oriented Course. That has to be incorporated with practical exposure; for the professional goal you have. Education system comes with, engaging a lot of time and investing money for your future. If you are investing your money in education you want to accomplish something out of it. And if its fits your area of interest then nothing like it.

Education system has evolved and focuses on the future job-ready or to enable you to be an Entrepreneur.