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Mystery Shopping with Bose

Every business does research to make their product more innovative and to get liked by the user. A value for money product that gives entertainment and utility; consumers would love to prefer. Product changes from time to time; today they are coming up with a model and tomorrow the product would come up with a better version with new features.

Companies would conduct research and take feedback from their store and direct from the user. Based on the findings, the product will be innovated.

During my masters in planning and entrepreneurship, I was associated with a Market research compnay as a part-timer. My boss assigned me with a mystery shopping project. I was very happy to get the project and didn't have a second thought to take other project. My boss was young and energetic and we used to share friendly conversations and sometimes we went shopping. He wanted to purchase A wristwatch and both of us have liked a watch from Police. That was fascinated watch and no sooner I had a wish that will purchase it one day, maybe from some other brand.

I am with a notebook reached Connanught Place in New Delhi. The heart of the city. Lots of brands, outlets. You will get to enjoy good shopping experience and seats to relax. Lot of greens in between.

I went to Bose store for mystery shopping. Two nice young man approached me gently. I have been asked what kind of product I am looking for. Once I told them my requirements, they showed sound system. Seen few other products. I was looking for a product that has great Dolby Surround with controlled bass, crisp sound, acoustic tune. Basically a system for Mini-Theatre. It was a dream to purchase a sound system like that.

I was amazed to listen to the sound from those tiny speakers. I was more surprised when they started with big speakers and at the end of the sound show, they opened false cover from the speakers. And all that left were four small speakers and a Woofer. The sound was really touchy and I had to give them good feedback on the product.

My main purpose of Mystery shopping was to find out; if they approach the user for better products. And based on this feedback and other findings, Bose will find out the strategy for the product orientation and suggestions.

Those guys were nice in explaining and got a nice demo.