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TV Commercial that touched million hearts

There were days when black and white TVs upgraded into colour TV. And famous brands were coming up with creative TV Ads(TVC). Only a few mediums were available; Newspapers, TV, Hoarding, Radio, etc. Television was the most effective medium to broadcast Ads to the end consumer.

Youtube, Social Media, and online platforms are easily showing Ads nowadays, but there was only one option for viewers back in 80's and 90's. Ads were coming in between our favourite TV shows and we have been watching the show with full of interest and attention, those Ads have become part of the TV shows. There was no remote on hands and no Skip options like youtube. We used to wait a long to watch our fav show on Weekends and after completing our studies, tuition probably! What a break, refreshment, and entertainment that was.

We have fallen in love with many of the Ads back in our school days, not understanding the message completely. But that was part of the TV shows almost! A long break between the show and we have been watching those Ads, sometimes took a small break to join back the show on time. We used to take a break between the show; Ads were running for almost more than 10 minutes.

We can still remember those childhood shows and to name a few; Chitrahar, Shaktiman, Alif Laila, Boogie, Woogie, The Jungle Book, Vikram aur Betal, Ramayan, Aahat, Chandrakanta. Also, Cricket was on the list.

Ads that created impact and we have fallen in love :

Cadbury Dairy Milk; most loved Ads

The most funniest Ad : Fevi Kwik

Beautiful Ads by Nirma

The coolest Ad: Suzuki Samurai

Creative Ads of 20s by Honda

Airtel Brand Tune by AR Rahman