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The Facebook Way

Every technology company has its vision and that should be directed to provide solutions for a better life. Facebook way back founded in Harvard to communicate within the college group, later with other colleges and gradually grew up to the world. Zuckerberg grew up in a place where 10,000 people lived. Connecting with people was one of his interests.

When Facebook turned into a global social media platform, it came up with a vision. To connect the world, to make a community, a world of virtuality related to your events. To engage people.

From a business perspective; there are companies running campaigns(Ads) for their brand awareness and promotions. Sometimes Digital Agencies are managing campaigns for them. And to connect the user and business on the same platform. Agencies across the world, manage better campaign since they have versatile experience and deals with multiple brands. They are more creative when it comes to managing a Brand's reputation.

You get to see many shopping ads on FB and sometimes we end up being purchased. There is plenty of other Ads user are engaged with.

One of the Sponsored Ads on FB:

FB don't charge any penny for using their platform and that's a large organisation providing huge employment and business solutions. They are a cash-rich company and have plans for the future. There are other Business aspects of Meta; used by corporates and businesses. It helps businesses grow by connecting with the end-user.

The main idea of Facebook was to connect people, and connect users with visual images; like places, events, and celebrations that people share generally. We tend to remember visuals more than any other content. There are other contents we get to see. Sharing moments has become popular across FB.

It depends on users how they would like to use Facebook; whether sharing moments, connecting with friends, people they know, connecting with unknown or connecting with crush or loved ones, or connecting with family members. Users get to see nice moments shared.

It triggers, when posting something and what the user get in values:

Users find common interests with other members of their connected network. They start to interact by reacting to the Posting and with FB Messenger further on any topic. They feel connected. People often termed it as social connection. Even a new budge word has been created; Facebook Friend. But is that really fulfilling social needs? Do we want to dig down to the world of virtuality and get connected and interact? Does that really make sense!

Facebook- More Together

It's good to be connected with people we know, and are comfortable with. In real life at least. But how does it differ from real life to FB? When Users share their personal moments, events and celebrations on FB, aren't those users welcoming connections to their personal space. It's personal virtual space; when users are sharing moments from real-personal life. From cover pic to the posts; creates an impact and self-image of the user at a glance, virtually. But that's real you; representing on the platform with moments. Sometimes it reveals user's personality and lifestyle traits. People you are connected with tend to form an image of yourself. (It's up to the user, which way they see you and what comes to their mind at a glance).

It's a good idea that some user have made an outing or some activity plans on FB with close circle. Maybe, FB could be the enabler for planning such events.

Facebook Groups

I would love to call my close friends and dear ones if I have to plan an outing or for any other communications :)

Cadbury- Friendhsip day

The Journey - A nice message

It's not about who you have in your network, what you share from your real-life and whom you interact with. There are emotional, social and psychological facts attached to it.

Technology is an enabler; users should be using it purposefully, and to make life better.

Discussion by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Meta, more focussed on Business aspcet for the coming days: