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Sports and Leadership

India's sponsorship for sports and media reached about ₹95 billion in FY20 and is expected to grow at a slower pace of ₹150 billion by 2024. According to the report by sports-related employment agency Sporjo and FICCI, the industry grew at a CAGR of 14% till 2020.

The company's report added that cricket is estimated to contribute approximately 70% of this figure. (Source : Mint)

With Rs 6,018 crore, Sports Adex(Ad Expense) surpassed 2019 levels in both TV and Digital, the report stated. Cricket continues to dominate the sports segment, accounting for 94% of the sports AdEx. A total of 444 brand endorsement deals have happened in 2021, with cricketers accounting for 318 endorsement deals and 87% of total brand endorsement value. (Straight from: Financial Express).

In cricket; the Coach is the decision-maker along with Board members but when it comes to on the field it depends on some portion of the Captaincy. The captain plays a major role in deciding the momentum of the team management on the field.

Imagine Virat Kohli is playing under the Captaincy of Dhoni, and Virat is not able to overcome weakness for his right strike.

Lets have a moment from Virat's Batting

His major strength has become a weakness when more fielders are lined up there. But Slowly, he changed his batting stroke in a 360-Degree way. Fielders are then set up to field dynamically. Now he is the king of his weakness; mixing up his core and dynamic shots together.

Masterstroke by Kohli

A captain on the field plays major role, taking instant decisions based on situations. From arranging the fielding to lining up the bowler against batsman and even more. And individual performance is name of the game.

Lining up fielders according to batsman is major startegy : Dhoni Masterstrokes

If you have watched Money Ball and Chakde India; can figure out what is the role of a Captain/Coach for team management and from the point of taking right decisions using strategies. Whether on the field or back-field.