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Mergers and Acquisition in a passionate way

If you have watched Godfather then probably, familiar with the scene.

There are companies interested in other businesses and want to have their stake. Either they have faced competition or similar interest in the business aspect.

Flipkart's 77% stake has been taken by Walmart in India. Walmart has introduced the concept of the Departmental store to the biggest chain of stores across the world. They have all the products under one roof.

Big Bazar in India, was the first store to offer many products. They have introduced the concept of discounts, especially on Celebration days. People were in the queue to grab the offer. Recently it has been merged with Reliance. Hyundai helped Kia, South Korea-based company when it was struggling.

When Tata Motors took over Jaguar and Land Rover, it was the day new innovation or new Branding started for these two companies. Land rover is now Range Rover, people are habituated with Range Rover more. People started to buy new models. Is that rebranding or innovation?

Range Rover Velar