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groupM - the Agency way

As a company, groupM is the world's largest Agency. It's under the WPP group. They are managing campaign, branding and lot more for world's best companies.

They have been taking care Google, Nestle, Colgate - Palmolive, Unilever, ITC, Cadbury, Dabur and many more for their branding.

Group compnaies of WPP:

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We all are familiar with Ogilvy for creating one of the best creative Ad for Cadbury-India. You can read it on other POST.

Big compnaies dont have inhouse resource to manage all the campaign. They outsource projects to the Agency. There are decision makers from the company like ITC; will have VP of Marketing, CEO, Directors taking decisions.

The Agency like groupM will brainstorm with the marketing team of ITC and will come up with a branding rodamap. Featuring the benefits of the product and its usefulness and by creating creative campaign. A product has to be strong enough to sustain in the market.

There is a gap between products and the end-user/consumer. Agency bridges the gap with better communications and product USPs and values. When it comes to managing campaign, agencies are more creative having worked on versatile projects.

They may find out a better strategy for Lenovo outlets across India, by creating digital campaign that makes better footfall to the stores. They can create a campaign for a famous car model like Kia Sonet. It can be creative TV commercial, or any other branding.

I have been interviewed by groupM-Mediacom and Wavemaker. The first time I have been interviewed with them for one of the Digital role with Dabur. There were many rounds and finally, I was discussing with South Asia head and CEO Mr. Navin Khemka. It was a nice experience discussing with him. We have discussed for more than 45 minutes on the role, strategy and beyond. Second time i have been interviewed for Colgate-Palmolive and third time; I can't remember which brand it was, probably for Loreal.

Snapshot of the process

I must say they have fantastic way of organizing interview process. Their HR department works very interactive throughout the process. And they believe in fair decision making from both the side; between employees and groupM.

We should learn from great companies like groupM, DDB, Kantar, Dentsu, Mccann Wordwide. It's not about branding they do; its connecting with the end-user/consumer and making them loyal. Make them believe in your product offerings. And the product has to be good enough and beneficial for consumers.

Nice Ad by Gucci

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