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First Love

When we were growing up, we lived up with many technologies. We have fallen in love with gadgets, games and many more.

When we got Apple iPods, those were nice gifts. Though Sony Walkman was first love, brought the bits on the ear and sweet sound. We could carry with ourselves anywhere, even when we are sleeping we can listen to some favourite songs and fall asleep.

Apple took the second market introducing their smallest iPod like a pen drive with play button and controls, with two GB space. The model definitely was compelling enough with better controls and looks of the model.

Kodak KB10 was the camera we all used to carry while travelling. Nice moments captured and kept in the album. Sometimes we get amazed to see those moments captured; hills, sea, family pictures and celebrations.

When Nokia introduced its first mobile, communications became easier. It was luxury to speak on mobile. Slowly other model has been introduced in the market. Screen with different color was introduced. Even keypads were having dim lights. It used to look nice in the night.