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Emami Healthy and Tasty Cooking Oil Way

When it comes to edible oil, India depends on various categories of oil. Whether it's Soyabean Oil, Coconut oil, Mustard Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Olive Oil, etc. Edible oil is culture-centric and depends on the food we eat on daily basis. To cook, some food needs oil some do not. It's our choice to have the kind of diet we love.

Emmai H&T Cooking Oil

In India, different states adopted the style of cooking with particular oil. For Example, West Bengal is mostly dependent on Mustard Oil, which is called in another way Kacchi Ghani Mustard Oil. Some part of South India depends on coconut oil majorly.

When it comes to West Bengal, people love to mix their food with a little bit of oil. Its been chosen by their way of making food. People mostly use mustard oil in daily cooking.

Emami connected consumers with effective communication that reveals the product and benefits. There are health benefits of edible oil.

H&T Smart Balance- Laucnhed during the Pandemic

Some people have the conception; consuming edible oil is not good for health. But that is not true if we consume adequate oil that has health benefits. Like; the Indian spices have different health benefits. Interestingly we can't have cooked food without oil and spices, mostly for our meals. Whether it's Nonveg or Veg items all main course needs to be cooked with oil.

It's been observed by the expert, having one type of oil for cooking is not good for longer. it's better to switch between a few other options. If you are cooking your meals daily with Mustard Oil, then you may try out Rice Bran Oil for some time. It's similar in taste though.

H&T Rice Bran Oil

Emami has 4-5 categories of edible oil and each of the variants comes with 1 Ltr and 5Ltr options in the market. It's consumed all over India.

Emami has their own manufacturing units in India and the largest one is in West Bengal, near Haldia. The manufacturing unit imports crude oil from other countries and processes it through different stages. And comes out as a pure blend of Edible oil for cooking.

For Rice Bran oil, they outsource raw material locally from farmers, who are involved in cultivating Rice. Rice bran oil is extracted from rice bran, the outer layer of the rice grain. Then it's been processed at their manufacturing units.

The main health benefits claimed by the oil Brands are; Vitamin A, D, E. And Omega 3.

Kacchi Ghani mustard oil is known for its pungency that adds a rich taste to foods.

They came up with a campaign, Dhaans hai tabhi toh khas hai.

Kacchi Ghani Mustard Oil - Dhaans hai tabhi toh khaas hai

Kacchi Ghani Mustard Oil - Featuing the Pungency

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