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Companies need branding not Sales!

Over sales kills the reputation of the company in long run. Many companies are having their call centres set up and we are getting unwanted calls daily. There are many reasons for their calling, someone wants to give you a credit card if you don't even need it. Someone will sell you a flat that you recently purchased. They will give financial plans and blah blah! But you get irritated by those unwanted calls.

There are companies; will never call you, they will do soft marketing. They will come on Air, TV, and on the Digital platforms. They will not going to reach you directly.

Businesses should create their identity and customer will reach them with their needs. And the brand comes with a message and product benefits. We get interested and make our own choice to buy the product. But it's not necessary, we have visited a site for a need, and we are no longer in need of the product/services. We have given plenty of feedback that we are not interested no longer in. But the calls come on daily basis. And they will force you to take the products, by saying blah blah! If you even say no repeatedly, calls will come next day. And the same pitch" Sir, I have a good offer for you".

They will speak authoritative sometimes, giving you a fool impression. They will rise as they are the god of our own needs. And they are going to speak rubbish out of their sales target by the team leader and followed by company norms.

Just imagine an executive you have told, you are no longer in need of the product. What they are coming up with? Probably, same lines repeatedly day after day.

These executives work on fixed salary plus incentives, but their job is very volatile. If their target is not met for the month, they will speak rubbish. But who is responsible? These executives or the company policy?

when we get a company calling you for unwanted needs. And repeatedly. Sounds interesting how they are wasting their time on, chasing consumers who are not interested. Probably they have not implemented a good Customer Relationship Management(CRM) tool, that will have feedback based automated calling. Suppose, I told them earlier I am no longer interested, but they will call again. It can be stopped if the CRM records feedback. The call will stop coming.

There are companies, we always reach online or store to buy products, not influenced by the sales call.