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Communication matters a lot!

Good communication is the key everywhere, but how often do we use it effectively? In business, communications matters a lot, right? Yes, of course! Whether you write a mail to a colleague or discuss it with them, has to be meaningful and in sync with the topic.

Every professional and businessman wants to achieve a certain level in life; you call it a success. It's individual satisfaction of achieving something desired in life. Whether it's for money or fame, everybody wants to achieve a certain level in life. You get happiness and satisfaction in exchange for achieving life's goals - in professional and personal matters.

We have an example of a film star, a great communicator and the way he speaks makes a lot of sense. Reveals his sense of humour for society and the field he believes in.

Today we are speaking about Shahrukh Khan, also known as the King of Bollywood. He's a great communicator not in the movie but in real life too, also a producer and philanthropist.

His speech at TED on Thoughts on humanity, fame and love:

SRK at Google

You may be a die-hard fan of SRK for many of his films. Have you seen Swades? Many of you have seen the movie long back for sure. If you have not watched it yet, you may find it fabulous and a classic.

Here goes the trailer of the movie:

You are definitely in love with the songs of the movie, composed by A.R. Rahman. I love the tune and dhoon of the Title song, starting with shehnai and the rhythm is very touchy. Every time I listen, feels so good within.